June 17, 2015August 25, 2015
Paolo Pellegrin is considered one of the most renowned documentary photographers worldwide. His captivating images are characterized by a strong social and humanistic approach, with his interest in the changing world evident in the motifs he selects. Disasters, wars and the visible changes of the natural environment enforced by human beings fascinate Pellegrin. His latest project, "Hafen" shows this, capturing the changes caused by the industrialization of Hamburg's Port. Its skyline, now dominated by high-tech equipment and machinery, while only decades ago it was run by the collaborative workforce of countless laborers. Capturing the visible man-made changes in large-scale, black and white photographs allows the artist to aesthetically portray the essence of the unseemly industrial landscape.


  • Paolo Pellegrin
    Hafen I
    Hamburg, 2015

    Silver Gelatin Print
    Ed. 5