Garcia de Marina

The Spanish photographer Garcia de Marina (Gijon * 1975) is a master of conceptual photography. It was only a few years ago that he gave up his job to devote himself entirely to his real calling: to become a photographer. Not to capture portraits or landscapes, but imaginative presentations of everyday things. By giving them a completely different meaning than their original, humorous, poetic and sometimes oppressive photographs are created - he transforms simple everyday objects in an original way into a surprising work of art. He takes his minimalist installations from the best possible angle and does without any image processing. His images spread quickly through social networks, and Garcia de Marina became a sought-after artist within just a few months. In the meantime his work has been published at home and abroad, he has already been invited to numerous festivals, has received numerous awards and is now considered one of the most important “visual poets”. Garcia de Marina lives and works in Spain.